Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Head Scarf : Vintage
Sunnies : Mr Price
Tee: H&M 

Head Scarf : Vintage
Tee : H&M
Pants : Mr Price
Sneakers : Vans


Been having a busy week , planning the baby shower and all , as well as work and organizing stuff for graduation i finally did an outfit post , i miss writing so maybe in the next few weeks will do some interesting short pieces of writing or poetry. 

My camera Broke , i'm feeling so so sad hoping my daddy will get me a new one they don't come cheap at all. Summer is almost over and i need to move to Cape Town i love that place Port Elizabeth is just too small for me and i need to just make my own life now.

God Bless and Peace.Love.Happiness 

Hippy Vee    

Monday, March 26, 2012



How are you doing ?

Been so busy lately i can hardly think , been feeling myself lately with the webcam here are some cute pictures , because it's hard to define myself as sexy , so weird.

Jesus Culture Church was at my church , and Pastor Christ was so on point , and this Austrian guy was going ape for God which is awesome but his accent just killed me omg  i was like there in church laughing . 

I'm sorry i had to share this , it's not everyday you get to witness a guy with a German accent preaching thou , so i'm happy Gd is moving.

God Bless.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Natural.Hair. Inspiration


This Fur Coat Lovely 

I love this Dress 

The Sunglasses , these have made a come back.
That Trench Coat ohh la la
Those Boots and that Tapestry Bag 

This Dress oh so Boho Chic 

Ready to paint the town Glamour 

Cat-eye Sunglasses 

I Love this outfit


So those who know me personally will know i'm so fascinated with Old Skool Fashion , from the 40s - 90s , and i'm a vintage collector , i first fell inlove with Vintage when i was in my teens , being raised by my grandmother she was always passing of her vintage clothing to me to wear. 

At first i hated it i won't lie , then i got to appreciate the beauty , quality and uniqueness and i fell inlove now some of the clothing i own is vintage  and my favorite vintage fashion icons are Bridget Bardot , Marlin Monroe , Aubrey Hepburn to name but a few. 



Chunky Bangles  from Next UK
Skirt : Vintage 

What i'm Wearing :

Sunglasses : Primark
Necklace: Vintage
Bikini Top : ??
Earrings : Mr Price 

Turban : Vintage 


Here is a picture of how i would do chunky bangles , for a summer look. What do you think of my neon Vintage Camera don't you just love it.


Have  blessed Day 



How are you lovelies doing ?

I'm great and you guess who's graduating yes you guessed it me , i'm so excited and have been going really ape looking for the perfect outfit. These are very sophisticated but will update more pictures after the graduation ceremony.

The ceremony is on the 23rd April 2012 


Wednesday, March 7, 2012



Fashion Week Season this is Jeremy Scott showing at New York Fashion Week s/s 13.

Wow the neon colors , the knit , the fabrics , the massive blown up emoticons , the different textures and did i mention the neon.

This collection takes me to Asia , to a festival of lights , to Tokyo and Japan , i see alot of very Asian inspired trends as well as the play on emoticons and last seasons trend of neon making a come back. Is this type of collection fit for the streets , i presume if you take away all the geriatrics the neon body con dress would look fab on a celeb such as Katie Perry.

I have to not that I'm quite in love with how the colors were used for this collection , and if i had the perfect back account that crop multi-colored jacket would go home with me , and the mohair jersey oh so adorable.

It's like a celebration of color, expression , peace and love.

Well done Jeremy Scott we look forward to a color coded Spring and Summer.