Monday, November 12, 2012



So excited about doing this post i adore Azealia Bnaks so much her music ,her style just the entire package.

She's an amazing young lady to look out for , when i see her style and attitude i question myself am i pushing myself enough ? I don't often get  alot of people who make me question my own style but this young lady does and for that "i salute you Miss Banks".

She's just fresh and i can't wait to see her in the next decade to see how her music has inspired young people . and the massive influence she will have on culture , and how the media receives her out going , insanely epic legendary persona.

She's now one of my style icons.


images :fuckyeahazealiabanks


Hello :D

Summer is finally here in the Southern part of Africa and I'm so excited . I saw these really amazing street style shots, i know its summer in South Africa and fall in Europe but i can't help but love all these stylish looks, summer is awesome but i can't wait to rock some of these looks next fall and I'm looking forward to the colors , prints and wraps. Looking forward to beach days . volley ball , mango's and wave diving. Hooray to Summer.

I hope you have a splendid day.

Much Love.


images: carolines mode stockholm street style

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Hello Beautiful ones of the Most High.

Been singing this song for about three weeks now i love it , and i don't care if you don't , kidding. Take a listen , Miss Elle Varnar is the hottest new musician on the block , if you don't know now you know.

Do have a blessed week. 



My natural hair color is a dirty brown , hoping to add some highlights to it , just to change it up a little bit.

When i'm taking a break from the fro i prefer braids , long , blonde braids.

The hair looks like a ball of something fluffy 

My hair its been about a year now , proud of all the hard work.

Me with relaxed hair  in 2010 , as you can see my hair was so brittle and fragile. 
Hello :D 

So its been over a year since i cut all my hair off , and started a new journey of hair growth which i must say has been really been hard physically and emotionally , but i'm here i'm happy and i love my little curly , kinky soft hair that just dont care. 

When i first cut my hair i cried i just ended a two year relationship so i figured i should just cut it all off , good idea at the time , when i looked in the mirror i looked like a boy which was a major hit to my ego , i did not see myself as beautiful. 

It's been one hec of a year , having an afro is not the easiest thing in the world , as much as i recruit all my friends to go natural it takes a lot of time and patience , understanding and dedication. 

Thank God for the natural hair world , i can name tons of sites i've visited and videos on youtube I've watched and asking friends who were natural before me. There an entire community out there , which is ready yo answer questions and provide support. 

It is just hair at the end of the day , but your hair will either enhance the person you are or bring you down emotionally , many hair bloggers I've come across have even changed their style due to going natural , its given them a sense of confidence to explore fashion in many different ways. My style has not changed at , I've always been experimental with fashion. I love Fashion. 

Natural haired lades are taking over the social scene , you see models with afro's in national and International publications  adverts and all around you. Just always remain true to who you are no matter ho you choose to wear you hair , remember you are beautiful , because the Lord created you in His image. 



Outfit Details :
Top : Woolworths
Shorts : Mr Price
Sunnies : Were a gift
Bangles : Markets 

Outfit Details :
Dress : YDE
Flower Garlands : Clearouts
Bangels : Models own 

Outfit details :
Caitlin : Dungarees : Clearouts
Top : Mr Price

Tania :
Shorts : Clearouts
Top : Mr Price 

Outfit Details
Sunnies : Mr Price
Top : Mr Price
Shorts : Clearouts 

Hello Beautiful People 

This a shoot i styled recently , it was inspired by summer , and the trends for summer , lots of pastel colors and flower power. I worked with the amazing  christinevisser do go and check out her website she's so talented. 

The beautiful models were Tania Capel and Catitlin Ferreria , we had so much doing the shoot and i'm looking forward to working with these amazing people in the near future. 

Trends for this summer 

Lots of color, patterns and prints 
Short shorts 
A pair of all stars
Sheer , lace and floral cut outs 
Mid drifts or crop tops  
Maxi Dresses 

I'm looking forward to summer ,most of all 


Many Blessings 


Hello Lovlies 

It's been awhile since i was last here and  apologize for that i have yet again neglected the blog but please bare with me and i'm making a big come back , things have been really intense but my love for blogging has not died and it never will. 

Summer is around the corner here in South Africa and i'm looking forward to longer days and warmer nights, living in my cozzie and of cos many many road trips across beautiful and lush nature.

Found this amazing editorial from vogue and i just love the colors , prints and use of accessories , this editorial is from a year ago , so trends always make a come back.

Do have a blessed day.


Friday, July 27, 2012


Some inspiration for an upcoming shoot i'm going to be styling will do a post soon. 

Its the weekend whoop whoop.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Zoe Kravitz + Penn Badgely = Zenn

Refreshing are the words that come to mind, when i describe one the most diverse yet authentic couple. Love is as simple as you allow it to become , they describe love in seasons , the summer or winter. Referring to the logical illusion that your relationship will either be as cold as ice or as hot as a summers day. 

We all know Zoe Kravitz , the daughter of Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonnet. Zoe is very private about her life , i don't blame her we live in a society where you can make money of being famous , and she simply wants to do is be an actress and a musician , and still maintain a pretty simple life. 

I have much respect for her as a person and the choices she makes , but can we just discuss the totes amazing men she has dated how beautiful and free spirited ? I'd much rather discuss Zoe and Penn , Hipster , Retro , Indie Couple , they have been labeld all sorts of things. 

Can we call it 'refreshing' , free in each others skin kinda love , carefree , not alluded by the status quo of the 'A' typical nonsensical way of how Hollywood couples should conduct their relationship. In the public eye "yawn".

When i look at their pictures be it , print or online media , their love remains constant , they display friendship and understanding , love what fascinates me most about them is the fascination they have for each other. The way he smiles at her , the way she looks at him. The spaces they leave in between the spaces they occupy together. 

It just simply works , like milk and cookies before bed , it just makes sense. Bizarre i know to compare a relationship to milk and cookies before bed. There's a balance of sweet and something some what in between. Zenn , a zenn like feeling 'referring to peace and perfect balance' . 

I don't aspire to a relationship some what similar to what they have for each other have , i aspire to have love that is care-free , God driven ,  by hope and and not limited by time. 

Love never gives up , is always hopeful and faithful.