Thursday, February 21, 2013


Abby Lee Kershaw 

 Freja Beha Erichsen

Erin Wasson 

Hello Beauties 

Been having a really lazy week , don't ask unemployed girl problems but the blog keeps be busy so does painting and cleaning my room and cooking amongst a whole host of other things i do too occupy the time. 

Growing up i always wanted too secretly be a model , i even had this model dairy where i would record my weight , size and height throughout the early years of my teens , i was obsessed with fashion , magazines and just the beauty , freedom and travel that came with being a model. 

I am no where near being a model , it was just a pipe dream , a girl can dream right ? If i ever had too pick some models too aspire too it would be Abby Lee , Freja and Erin , amongst the beauty that is carried by these 6 ft tall gorgeous women , what truly stands out too me is their unique looks , outside the hair , make up and air brushing. 

I believe when you work in an industry where , how you look is dictated too you , its often really hard too stand out , and i feel its really hard too find your unique personal style , when your being told what too wear , how too look and how too walk. 

The ladies have shown too be true chameleons in front of the camera as well as remain true to their looks and identities away from the lights. Nothing is as more beautiful as women who knows who she is in society and is willing too stand by it.

If i had too give these ladies a name collectively , they all stand alone in the respective identities , the rebels , their tattooed bodies , freedom in their style and easy going nature , their not just models , but role models for other aspiring models who hope too be apart of the industry. Simple never loose your true identity , always do you , but remain professional in all that you do. 



Monday, February 18, 2013


Hello Lovers

Don't you just love , being in love ? Well since it is the month of love i only find it fitting too do a post on love , they say the best things in life are free , love included. I believe there's no greater feeling in life , then having someone who loves you , someone who calls you everyday just too remind you not too forget your beautiful.

Even on your worst day ever , still finds you irresistible , with that being said i really do hope every one had an amazing valentines day , and for those ladies and gents out there who are still single , dont sweat it a friend of mine once said "if a flower can grow through concrete , love will find you no matter where you are in life"

The greatest things are worth waiting for , they come in different seasons of our lives , when we stop asking , looking or hoping for them, they come when the time is right. 

Love will find you , just wait for your season , oh and dont forget Love comes from God his the source , so pray and He shall give you love , when the time is right. 

Enjoy the rest of your love month

Christ Bless.


Sunday, February 17, 2013

Uzuri Sana

A fusion of colour, patterns and textures inspired by the people of Africa, the culmination of cultures and the diversity of its people.


So i deserve an award for being a really bad blogger , if feels like ages since I've been on my blog i promise thou that i will be more frequent at this, baby steps.

So it's 2013 hip hip hooray , i'be been really busy with styling and running around looking for a job , living at home and trying not too kill myself with boredom.

Lets just get down too it , i recently styled a shoot with my really talent friends , one being Christine Visser , a really talented photographer who captured the models in such an elegant and surreal way , the shoot reminds me of being in an oasis and the beauty that shapes it . 

The models were Bomikazi Zeka and Caitlin Ferreira  these ladies knew exactly how too work it. Despite the bad weather through the day , the sun finally came out and we were ready too do the shoot , i really hope you guys enjoy the images. 

Check out  Miss Visser's website here for more images:  christine visser and like her facebook pages aswell.

Have a blessed day.