Monday, November 12, 2012



So excited about doing this post i adore Azealia Bnaks so much her music ,her style just the entire package.

She's an amazing young lady to look out for , when i see her style and attitude i question myself am i pushing myself enough ? I don't often get  alot of people who make me question my own style but this young lady does and for that "i salute you Miss Banks".

She's just fresh and i can't wait to see her in the next decade to see how her music has inspired young people . and the massive influence she will have on culture , and how the media receives her out going , insanely epic legendary persona.

She's now one of my style icons.


images :fuckyeahazealiabanks


Hello :D

Summer is finally here in the Southern part of Africa and I'm so excited . I saw these really amazing street style shots, i know its summer in South Africa and fall in Europe but i can't help but love all these stylish looks, summer is awesome but i can't wait to rock some of these looks next fall and I'm looking forward to the colors , prints and wraps. Looking forward to beach days . volley ball , mango's and wave diving. Hooray to Summer.

I hope you have a splendid day.

Much Love.


images: carolines mode stockholm street style