Thursday, September 29, 2011

Wonderwall. Oasis

Beautiful. Mistake


I'ts been so hott in London lately and im so loving the weather and it's exciting soaking in the sun it's like it's a mistake that the weather should be this good. 

My week has been hectic and tomorrow i have a party to go to on a boat so excited and finally getting my boots today so life so far is good , did a small shoot of my outfit, think babes in the wood . Will upload pics of the boots soon so do check that out.

Here are pics from my busy week hope you enjoyed your week.


Creepers , I've been literally dreaming about these all year for real i need them 

A picture i took at the docks when i went on a ferry was rather cold but had a great time watching the sun set on the water William's Wordsworth new what he was talking about when he wrote that poem about London

Been Rocking a Turban but know one does it quite like Solange love the colors also 

My outfit just really chilled and colorful soaking up the last days of Summer 

Been hanging with my friend Natasha and she took this picture of me .
Blazer : Primark
Shirt : Vintage
Pants: Mr Price
Shoes : Primark
Turban : Vintage
Sunnies : Mr Price 

Headband Thing : Top Shop
Dress: Vintage
Belt: Vintage
Jumper : Vintage
Clutch : Vintage
Shoes : Primark

Finally getting leopard print booties whoop whoop 

So i did the big CHOP cut my hair and have gone Natural and im Happy 

At Natasha's house chilling 

Keen to go back to SA and enjoy Summer #excited 

My Crush Craig Anderson an Australian Surfer i'm in love 

My shoes will wear these all summer long :)

Found this and i love it i need to take more cool pics like these need a new camera thou bleh 

Sunset in Northwolich i loves it 

Craig again i'm inlove his amazing 

The dock so beautiful 
Hope you have had a good week.

Love and Peace

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


So September is almost over and i have been a really lazy blogger and i apologize for that this has been one busy month shew , but i'm glad it's finally over and better days are ahead of us. What happened in September , there that song wake me up when September ends by green day and i have loved this busy month.

From fashion week to doing my first radio gig which was pretty awesome i have a good radio voice so i've been told , finally doing my hair , also finally went fully natural so no more relaxed hair i'm all natural baby my first month and it's going great loving my uber curly yet kinky hair.

So it's Fall here in London which is Autumn for those of you that are not sure and here i have a mix of fall collection from Zara , it inspired me and i hope it inspires you too.

Will upload pics about this month soon....


Are you now ready for fall , i know i am.


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

London Fashion Week S/S 2012

Model at Fashion Week 

Me and Steffi Santiago (

Me and Neco from VeeVee&
My Outfit for Fashion week really laid back and chilled
Top : Vertigo
Pants : Vintage
Bourges : Not sure
Hat : Mr Price
Bag : Primark
Sunglasses : Mr Price 

Me and one of the models at London Fashion Week can you say Dreamy :D

Headband : Primark 

Natasha my lovely friend check it out guys 

So today was the last day of London Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2011 , and i was there to be apart of the vibe , it was the mens show so lots of yummy men wearing great designs , got in a few pictures but will update you on some of the great designers and models that i met.

Hope you guys have had a great day. Lotsa Love 

snowdroponline - please check it out and see what went down at fashion week.

all images courtesy of my friend Natasha :)