Thursday, November 24, 2011

Top.5. Sexiest.Black.Strong.Brothers

1. Taye Diggs 

2. Boris Kodjoe

3. Shemar Moore 

4.Tyson Beckford

5. Pharrel Williams 

Wednesday, November 23, 2011



Don't you just love this editorial i do it's so me and describes my summer i'm now happy but i won't cry i love this life.


A weekend with Marilyn , looking forward to this movie 

Vintage Shopping whoop whoop !

Summer days lazing about and dancing in the moonlight 

Beach days and living in my monokini #keen 

My lil girl smiling again :D

My very amazing bedroom , and my own space 

Watching telly in bed.

Books and shoes :)

The farm and being chased by ducks in the morning.

The farm again 

Peddie my home town yey and a full stary night 

Her lil smile amazing 

Wow my lil boy has grown up :( hope he can still recognize me 

Sleepy time with baby :)

Friends and Beach 

Photoshoots what fun 

Soft feet on hott soft sand i miss this feeling 

Boho inspired outfits #lesummer 

My favorite sweets 

Cutest angel ever 

My angels 

Sleeping beauty .

Cut off shorts showing of my pwetty legs 

My growing natural hair 

Pretty flowers 

The potential of my hair growth #can'twait :D

Hey my wonderful bloggers 

how are you , i'm packing to go back to South Africa and i'm having mixed feelings im excited to go home and sad to leave my family here in the UK . Here's a list of things on my mind now as i get emotionally ready to leave and go home.

Do have a lovely evening .

God Bless