Friday, July 27, 2012


Some inspiration for an upcoming shoot i'm going to be styling will do a post soon. 

Its the weekend whoop whoop.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Zoe Kravitz + Penn Badgely = Zenn

Refreshing are the words that come to mind, when i describe one the most diverse yet authentic couple. Love is as simple as you allow it to become , they describe love in seasons , the summer or winter. Referring to the logical illusion that your relationship will either be as cold as ice or as hot as a summers day. 

We all know Zoe Kravitz , the daughter of Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonnet. Zoe is very private about her life , i don't blame her we live in a society where you can make money of being famous , and she simply wants to do is be an actress and a musician , and still maintain a pretty simple life. 

I have much respect for her as a person and the choices she makes , but can we just discuss the totes amazing men she has dated how beautiful and free spirited ? I'd much rather discuss Zoe and Penn , Hipster , Retro , Indie Couple , they have been labeld all sorts of things. 

Can we call it 'refreshing' , free in each others skin kinda love , carefree , not alluded by the status quo of the 'A' typical nonsensical way of how Hollywood couples should conduct their relationship. In the public eye "yawn".

When i look at their pictures be it , print or online media , their love remains constant , they display friendship and understanding , love what fascinates me most about them is the fascination they have for each other. The way he smiles at her , the way she looks at him. The spaces they leave in between the spaces they occupy together. 

It just simply works , like milk and cookies before bed , it just makes sense. Bizarre i know to compare a relationship to milk and cookies before bed. There's a balance of sweet and something some what in between. Zenn , a zenn like feeling 'referring to peace and perfect balance' . 

I don't aspire to a relationship some what similar to what they have for each other have , i aspire to have love that is care-free , God driven ,  by hope and and not limited by time. 

Love never gives up , is always hopeful and faithful.