Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Style.Icon: Boho Queen Zoe.Kravitz


Boho Queen Zoe Kravitz is one of my biggest style icons , her super chilled Chic/Shabby boho threads do it for me. 

We love we love.




Here is some decor inspiration , don't you just love clean lines and clean spaces. I'm so in-love with the color white for decor. 

Looks so fresh and so clean , so relaxing like you could just walk into this space and feel renewed and refreshed. 

Hope you have a blessed day.


Monday, May 28, 2012


it was all yellow the outfit

Daddy and I

Me and The Mother

Taps and her lil Bro and me

Me , Zakhe , Snazz



My mothers i.e Granny and Mommy

My lipgloss is popin

The women who is reswponsible for who i am proud moment

The Dress and my vintage retro bag

Pizo and I

Me and Snazz

Me and Annie

Me and my Sister Pelisa



So here are the long overdue Graduation Pictures well some of them , the ones i could save and put up here.

Im so blessed to have my Mamati to have helped me through with everything , from 6months to now being a BA -MCC Graduate.

If i had to say a speech it would sound a little like this :

(clears throat)

I would like to thank my Lord and Personal saviour for my life and for who i am , my grandmother you are my inspiration and i thank you for bringing me up to  be the women i am today. My girls yoll know who you are 3 years of complete madness and chaos , all my lectures and everyone who played a part in my education.

Education is the key to unlocking many doors.

God is  the creater of all.

I love you all.


Friday, May 25, 2012


We are Africa whom know no poverty but stem from the black soiled roots of poverty. 

We are Africans who have seen a culmination of hope , faith and liberty. 

We are Africans whom have not experienced the struggle to win our freedom and liberation , we are Africans who have been granted divine favor , to explore the world while gaining wisdom. 

We are Africans who are without fear , we put our strength in our Lord God, to provide for all the hemisphere. 

We are Africans who have tails and rich plush fields , with golden resources , we may be a riddled continent hinged by diseases and mental slavery. 

We are Africans who are united and we are one , no matter the pain and suffering. We are strong and are, emancipated by a world of color , rich with texture flavor , strong rooted cultures , rituals and beliefs.

We are Africans , who speak many tongues , and have many beliefs. We are love , hope and above all.

We are Africa.

Poem By : Vuyolwethu Hole 

Monday, May 21, 2012


Hey Hey

Had an amazing opportunity to style for Christine Visser an up and coming photographer. The shoot took place on the 11 May 2012 , North Campus K Block Studios . The Model was a good friend Tania Capel.

For more pictures go to : christine visser