Friday, December 23, 2011

Style Icon : Lisa Bonnet

Now we know where Zoe Kravitz gets her amazing style her mother Lisa Bonnet.


Me and My sister Bubbels or Loli you chose :)

Me , My two younger sisters and my older sister in the back 

My baby sister Lilly wow she is so old and my son Jordan 

Goofy Pic 

Beautiful people so these Holidays have consisted of family , family and more family fun times , my Brit family came down with me to South Africa and it's so epic. My sister is also here she is the one in the first 3 pictures her name is Loli and she's 25 and was so happy she came to hang with me. 

She also did the big chop welcome to the club sis.


Hippy Vee.


Me and My mother don't we look lovely?

Dress : Mr Price R50
Shoes : Mr Price , R100
Bag : Primark 4 pounds
Belt : Vintage 


Me and m mother went to these Bay Stars awards where she got an award for excellent service as a nurse and i'm so proud of her it was held at the Radisson Blu here in Port Elizabeth.

Well Done mom i love you .


Hippy Vee.


Soft Dread : It takes about about a day to put these extensions in but i love it nice and bouncy 

Soft Dread all done up 

My first weave ever in my life and guys i'm 23 i know crazy i will do it again thou.

The weave was a hit i had to do it again this time curls i love curls 

1 months natural i still had  some of my relaxed hair so i had to cut quite a bit off

Turbans are great for bad hair/lazy hair days 

2 months natural finally whoop whoop 

2 months natural my hair grows so so fast i'm so happy i love it 

Box Braids finally 

Happiness is Bliss God loves me 

The bun bun bun BOOM


It's been quite and intense hair journey for me been through a lot with my hair ups and downs and i'm actually quite happy with my hair right now. I'm blessed to have the hair i have healthy and beautiful . My hair is very dry so i need to wash it as often as i can it also shrinks a lot i mean as in alot once it's wet so twist-outs are like an essential part of my hair routine.

I'm a new natural been 3 months and so far so good thank God for the natural Hair community i.e YouTube and blogs dedicated to going natural.   

Peace to you all.

God Bless.

Hippy Vee 


Turban : Vintage
Skirt : Primark
Leotard : Mr Price
Earrings : Dubai 


I'm Back in South Africa this has been long over due internet so expensive and slow here so it's so hot it's summer , just job hunting right now and having fun in the sun. If you have any questions feel free to ask. I finally did box braids whoop whoop. 

All my love 

Hippy Vee 

Bless Up!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Top.5. Sexiest.Black.Strong.Brothers

1. Taye Diggs 

2. Boris Kodjoe

3. Shemar Moore 

4.Tyson Beckford

5. Pharrel Williams