Friday, June 29, 2012



It's Friday whoop whoop and i'm going away for the whole week to the farm , so excited i can't wait Hamburg and Peddie here i come then Art Festival the first week of July . Becoming quite the busy bee. 

Found this really cute editorial , love the location , styling i just adore it , made me think of the farm back home and how excited i am to be having a break. Freedom and being in the wild (the farm) here i come. 

Whoop Whoop.

Enjoy your weekend.



Hey yo 

How are you guys doing ?

Recently went to the Down Hill Dash , where all the kool kids of the City met up , to go down hill and win some prizes. All in all it was awesome and met tons of really cool people .


Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Hey my lovlies 

Been so busy with work and life you know how it goes , also looking for a new job. 
some natural hair inspiration , i needed this as i'm sporing my afro at the moment. 

Will do an outfit post with the fro again. Soon Soon.

Much Love.


Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Looking Forward to Summer this year. I've got that good feeling about this summer.


What am i wearing :
Jacket : Vintage 1978
Shirt : Vintage (Coat King)
Maxi - Skirt : (Coat King)
Socks : Gift
Shoes : Rage
Hat : Mr Price
Bag : Primark (UK)
Glasses : Clearouts


How are you beauties doing ?
I'm great winter is really getting to me , tooth ache , blocked nose and headaches so hopefully will get better soon.

Did this little shoot yesterday in my garden , the sun was out (whoop whoop) , the rain got a bit too much during the weekend. I decided to be all vintage , except i call it "Granny Swagg".

Wishing for more warmer days , and just falling asleep on the beach. Few more months then color everywhere , super keen or Spring.

Have a lovely Day.