Monday, February 18, 2013


Hello Lovers

Don't you just love , being in love ? Well since it is the month of love i only find it fitting too do a post on love , they say the best things in life are free , love included. I believe there's no greater feeling in life , then having someone who loves you , someone who calls you everyday just too remind you not too forget your beautiful.

Even on your worst day ever , still finds you irresistible , with that being said i really do hope every one had an amazing valentines day , and for those ladies and gents out there who are still single , dont sweat it a friend of mine once said "if a flower can grow through concrete , love will find you no matter where you are in life"

The greatest things are worth waiting for , they come in different seasons of our lives , when we stop asking , looking or hoping for them, they come when the time is right. 

Love will find you , just wait for your season , oh and dont forget Love comes from God his the source , so pray and He shall give you love , when the time is right. 

Enjoy the rest of your love month

Christ Bless.


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