Monday, December 9, 2013


Hello Lovlies 

His heart the symbol of hope and forgiveness, an Icon celebrated by the world. Being a South Africa and having had grown up in a country which despite it's grim history has stood united and keeps on emerging. 

Nelson Mandela has sadly left us, he dedicated his life in the fight for equality amongst all South Africans. My earliest memory of "uTata" as his affectionately known to South African's, we were asked to draw a portrait of some we looked up to , it could be anyone in art class, so i chose to do pencil sketch of Madiba. Having grown up with a very political father, who to did his bit to help alleviate discrimination in South Africa, I am often remind that the greatest victory is Peace.
I don't really have much to say as the whole world is currently mourning the death of on of the greatest human beings to ever walk this earth. I will write something I wish I could have said to uTataRholithlathla.

Molo Tata, I want to thank you for giving up most of your life in a time where the situation seemed hopeless, where you put your life on the line, even willing to sacrifice your own life so that we as a nation could be in the position that where we are today. The duty you have done for your Country has shaped the world and has opened the hearts of many people. You are an inspiration. Thank you for teaching the world that forgiveness if far better then revenge, and that if you really want something in life you must be prepared to make sacrifice and never losing hope even thou situations seem hopeless. 

Thank you for being a great leader , for inspiring generations and those to come. Rest in peace Tata, knowing that you have lived your life serving your people, and fulling your purpose and destiny. The angels and God await your return. 

Your courage, spirit and legacy will live on and your people will continue the fight for freedom as many are still oppressed in their minds. 

Lala ngoxolo Tata onkhulu, asicingi sikulibale, siyabulela ngemizamo yakhe ukude sibeLapa namthlanje. NdiyakuTanda Madiba. 


"No one is born hating , people are taught to hate and if people can be taught to hate, they can also be taught to love as love comes more naturally then hate" - Nelson Mandela

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