Saturday, October 29, 2011


My BFF 2months Natural Helene 

WOW true inspiration

Celeb inspiration 


OMG ! It's been a while since i last blogged so yes i have joined the natural high aswell it's like a high because  it seems that alot of young women are doing the same thing. My hair and scalp was really damaged and my hair was thinning so i decided to give the creme crack a break then i was introduced to tumblr by my BFF Helene and i saw all the awesome pics of all the young natural girls out there. I feel like there's a sister hood for all natural ladies world wide so im glad to be apart of the club finally and my scars on my head no more ooze yellow puss and are no more dandruff proune i think this is the best thing i could have done for my hair.

Viva Le Natural Ladies.

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