Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Love is as Beautiful as you have ever imagined it to be

Hallo :)

Wie gehts dir ? 

My attempt at Deutsche, I'm doing really well work is what i do most weeks I work for a publishing company in Bird Street, Port Elizabeth, South Africa. 

The pictures above are images from the National Arts Festival , ahhh the weather was bliss. G Town as it's casually know is so cold in winter, it even snows yes snows. This year sadly did not see any snow but the weather surprisingly was amazing, the middle of winter and i could still hop around town in a cute little velvet frock. 

The last time i did a post about my relationship status was just over 2 years ago, and 2 years later tee hee, I'm such a happy little girl. I was one of those girls post my break up who were on some I'm going to wait five years before i get into another relationship. 

He just happened, to me we met on the beach, i was walking with my friend and saw him, kept seeing him for the next month on the beach, then magically it all happened. Love is a beautiful thing when it's right, and when the love you give is the same love you receive. 

I'm blessed to share time with an incredible human being, a man, who is kind , loving , funny , smart and really hard working. Who goes HAM in church with me during praise and worship. Who never forgets to remind me to pray before we eat. 

It's the little things I guess that make a relationship beautiful, its not even about the time phrase its the two souls coming together and exploring love that God has gifted them. Being 25 years , you really start to change I've changed a lot from the past two years. 

I'm stronger , I'm wiser and more independent, and in control of my emotions and thoughts and actions. I'm beautiful the way God said it should be , I forgive more and i love cautiously. 

Most of my friends are either mothers , or due to walk down the isle. I won't compare myself or ask when will it happen for me, children are such blessings but also a lot of hard work and money and for now i could use that money to travel the world, stuff my face with macaroons and a girl can never have to many shoes right?  

Life is beautiful, it gets better with time i promise you. There are millions of people all over the world who are in pain, fighting to hold and and slowly losing grip. That was where i was last year, slowly losing grip, all i can say is don't give up on love, finding a job, finding peace , getting closer to God. Those are some of the issues i dealt with and God provided. 

His got so much more in store for me and I'm looking forward to that. Came across a really beautiful wedding video and while listening to the music, the life changing moment in the video was the vows that were said i have to share. 

Dear Future Husband : I will honor you as my spiritual head, I follow you as you follow Christ. 
I will cover you in prayer. I am reminded that every good and perfect gift comes from above, husband you are truly a gift and I  will spend the rest of my life treating you as such. I will be led by you as you have been led by Christ.

I'm stealing these for when one day , i get married and as long as it's according to Gods will, I'm in. 



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