Friday, August 5, 2011


It's summer in London and i so want to  hit the beach , been reading my copy of Company magazine and could not help but fall all over myself i love all the cute cozzies in this issue. From Miami to Ibiza is what you can win , but i think i will just have my own Ibiza here in London Town. 

Even if the beach is covered in rocks and the sea apparently runs away , so you need to take a train to the other side hahahaaha , i'm seriously willing to suck it up all in the name of looking good in my monokini i don't care who says what.

I'm personally a monokini girl , but i have a few two piece bikini's i'm glad i have the body i have and confidence to pull it off and be proud of my curves.

I need this monokini i just died now and that turban omg 

This reminds me of Lyon for some reason

I love the jewels so much

This is so Boho , i love all the colors summer you have to have color

This is a stunning photograph and i love the ocean

I can smell the fresh summer breeze already. Let the summer fun begin.

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