Wednesday, August 10, 2011



So apart from all the riots , looting and absolute mayhem in London i went of to Manchester only to have the same thing start there , then i left Man U City to come back to London. Well this post is not about the riots , because i'm quit frankly over that. This is about living spaces, I've been so inspired by interior and Architectural design was gonna be an Architect but i guess got over that dream. Growing up makes you realize that we need to be independent and move out of home. I've been dreaming of the kinds of space , decor and kitsch , sublime art i would love to be surrounded by.   

Art , is alive i'm such an art junkie wait art is me , but here are a few amazing spaces i found interesting and lovely to inhabit.

I love all the colors and the patterns and the accessories ,  i could sleep for days in these lovely bedrooms.

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