Friday, August 5, 2011



Just spent most of the night reminiscing with my aunt about Uni and res and I've jsut realized man those will def be the best days of my life. I love all my friends , going through pictures , bring back so many memories good and bad and funny ones to . This made me realize how unique i was in Uni and how i would not change a dam thing not even my crazy fashion moments.

I guess i was a joy to be around , i miss those days so much. 

Ziz , Me , Mandy , Ludi , Cwenga : Before registration for 3rd year

At our PR Presentation and Ritz also 

Friends For Life

Mandy's 21st Me, Ziz andAK i miss these bad ass chicks 

Me and my girl AK

Inter -varsity Sekei , Annie, Pat and the other losers i did mention 

The crew 

Crazy Girls

Ziz's grad with Snazz also

I love these girls

Me and The gorg Cwenga

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