Tuesday, August 23, 2011



So I've been all so lovely dovey not really i walk all over London and i said to my brother if you gave me 1 pound every time we saw , a couple displaying PDA,  i would be about 1000 pounds richer .As much as i love being in love which i really do , and that it's been maybe a month since my break up of 2 years with my boyfriend. 

A big part of me is not sad , as much as i am hurt and heart broken i was truly in love , and i think of him yes i do , not every minute of the day but i do , at times i dream of him. Wishing this was all a terrible nightmare , alas it really is over and the best thing i can do is talk about the break up , think of all the time he made you smile , laugh , dance and cry your heart out. 

I just watched a video i made for him , i think i am ready to let it go , i'm ready to live my life for me and to pick up all the broken pieces of my heart. Praying that God will mend it and bring an ever more amazing man in my life. My 2 year anniversary would have been in 3 weeks time. 

This was the best part of the relationship , all the fun times , in my heart i will forget you. But i will never forget how much you made me smile and made my world all bright. I'm allowed to still think about you and i'm okay with the fact that it's okay to not pretend i'm over it , because at times i'm not over it.

Here's a tribute to our love , we messed it up, I wish you the best and i have finally forgiven you where ever you are , all the best with love and life and i hope you find God and your purpose.

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