Wednesday, August 17, 2011


This weekend i had the privilege of attending a wedding , a Nigerian / Zimbabwean wedding and i was so delighted to be able to speak Xhosa , they spoke Ndebele well most of the guest but we could communicate in native tongue , which was awesome.

Met so many new people and i had so much fun , dancing and feasting is Central African food , if the words, pondu , plantain, fufu, Jolof rice don't ring a bell then according to my Congolese uncle your not a real African. This makes me laugh all the time but , the union was truly  a beautiful one.

It made me re-think about getting married , i view myself as rather more of an individualistic and independent spirit for as long as I've know myself i have been alone, i was never raised by my parents so I've had a hard life as my aunt occasionally jokes with me.

There really aren't that many good relationships that i have witnessed that have been loving and successful , so i will pray that God gives me a man who i will be able to love , and who will equally return my love. Nothing worst then loving someone who really , does not value you as much as you value them.

I give you this ring as a sign of our marriage. With my body i honor you ; all that i am i give to you and all that i have i share with you , within the love of God , Father , Son and Holy Ghost. 

I have not met a man ever in my life that  i could  say all that too , i can say all this with confidence to God but i have a hard time saying this to any man, well i'm still young.

Me, Jr,Rico

le familia 

me and my bro Rico

brides maids in red 


at the church with the bride

vintage car 

My aunt Dudu and Tayo 

My BB , Rimmel lipstick , my clutch is vintage , sunnies mr price

Me and my Brother 


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  2. ahhh thank you so much , just checked out your blog , i love it also and i am following back.
    Your so beautiful girl.