Tuesday, August 23, 2011


This is so true i love with all my heart , if you will return the love 

I'm starting to realize this in my life. Thank you Father for all my Blessings

I was starting to think this year sucks, but it's flipping fantastic 

Hahahahaha okey i will date a British Boy just to say i did it lol.

Paris next Month , Chloe i'm coming whoop whoop 

I will wait for this 

Yes mate get a life blad 

Why certainly (putting on fake British accent)

one of my all time favorite Indie movies 500 days of Summer 

ahhhhhhh teehee , i shall also have this 

But ofcos i do 

I'm a lover of love 

I realize this everyday 

I need to be there 

Hate Fake losers , im all natural bay bay 

Just live your life 

People also throw away precious diamonds and gold 

okey i'm in London , was meant to be in A.Dam and i'm on my way to Paris all that's left is NY Helena where are you lets.

These are just some cute quotes i found on Tumblr which kinda express more of my emotions and all that good good stuff.

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