Wednesday, August 3, 2011


It's 02:04 and i'm having problems sleeping , well i have alot ever since me and my ex broke up again for the 3rd time. It's the 2 week i'm single i cried once and i got up and told myself you know , i'm hurt but my life is not over.

Ya ne life , is such but i have hope that i will find love again. My family is so overprotective it's not even funny and i understand their concern , but i need to make some decisions alone some times. So i have let him go as much as it hurts me inside , i will find the strength to move on.

I'm in an amazing city , with my amazing family what more could a girl ask for.
I love this life, and this is my season , and God is blessing me beyond what i have ever prepared myself for.

Love is in God and in him i trust to give me a man , who is Godly and after Gods heart , who will respect me and my culture , who will love me beyond understanding and who will grow and walk with me the days of my life.

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