Thursday, August 25, 2011



So every Blog i look at a girl is sporting , the Jeffery Chambell shoes , as you have noticed i'm addicted to a  nicely made pair of shoes.

Shoes are so essential in life , you need shoes to take a journey they protect you from having scaly feet , from the cold and they complete any outfit. Shoes kinda remind me of men , don't laugh this may sound insipid but in actual facts it's true. Men are often seen as being very hard and powerful , often are protective species and just like shoes they wear out after time. Through the ages of time we all need a certain type of shoe to enter in to the next phase of life.

Infants need small soft booties to keep them warm and covered up , just like the booties infants also have a father , who treats them like a small egg admires them and comforts them. Through the ages you grow up and get school shoes , which are usually boring and dull and are worn by everybody , just like all infants wear booties , all school kids wear school shoes. 

This just illustrates that the role of the father never changes with any child , he is still there to protect and love but the older you get the more you need tough shoes and guidance , and the stricter and more involved your dad gets . The number of times you wear your school shoes , is also symbolic to the amount of time your father spends in your life , when you finally ditch the shoes , daddy gives you a little bit more freedom , the sound of your feet don't come running through the hall way anymore because you have gone.

We all mature and develop our own sense of style , varsity days are spent shopping and trying out all sorts of shoes and styles , similar to dating styles in Uni you are more experimental and you date all sorts of men , ranging from nerdy men , to the football player , to the player , he would be described as that pair of shoe you think is special until you see another girl wearing the same exact pair and you get mad , because your the only one who is meant to rock that pair of particular shoes out.

Some shoes get old and you keep them because you can't seem to let go , like me and most other women we keep a man because we love him with all our heart , and even thou these guys are either not good for us , or are not mature enough to handle a real women we keep them around , we wear them by force hoping they will eventually fit into our feet , metaphor of fitting into our hearts and lives. You get cons and blisters and chappy feet all because of a pair of shoes that  you can't get rid of , when there are clearly so many more shoes out there.

Here's a tip invest in a really great pair of shoes that will fit into any outfit and also fit your lifestyle , you can't wear trainers with a formal dress nor can you wear 6inch killer heels with a tracksuit. Let a man enter your life , that will also compliment  your life style or at least add some spice into it , let go of those old shoes , that don't fit you or don't feel right in your life.

After all shoes were made not just for walking , comfort and strutting your stuff, but also for you to feel good in them, and gain confidence in yourself. 

Lets Go Girls.

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