Friday, August 12, 2011



It's too early for me to be blogging , it's 07:19 in London and i have a wedding to attend at 1pm , i woke up so hungry and full of energy today i hope it last teehee. 

I love to do dedication posts , you've met my other best friend Helene , this one is about Ziz , she's tiny and cute and makes my whole world bright. She's more of my sister really , i kinda trust her with my life , she knows all my secrets as in I've never told anyone Elsa but her.

She came over to my house so much before i left and i'm so blessed to have a sister who cares for me so much , Blessed. I wish we could skype soon :( , but i know she is busy with work , so maybe soon i hope.

I miss her with all my heart , and where ever she is which is Port Elizabeth most of the time and what ever she is doing , i hope God is keeping her safe and sound. So when i see her i can give her a big fat kiss on her dimple , which i love so much.

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